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How Do You Use Tim Hortons’ Gift Card In 2024?

How To Use Tim Hortons Gift Card?

Canada’s favourite coffee and fast food chain, Tim Hortons, offers a convenient way to enjoy their products – gift cards.

Not only are these cards a great way to treat yourself, but they also make thoughtful gifts.

How To Redeem Tim Hortons Gift Card
Redeem Tim Hortons Gift Card

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Introduction To Tim Hortons Gift Cards

Tim Hortons gift cards are prepaid cards used to purchase various items from Tim Hortons shops.

They come in multiple designs and can be used for numerous occasions, including birthdays, holidays, and thank you.

Benefits Of Tim Hortons Gift Cards

Tim Hortons gift cards offer several advantages. Firstly, they provide cashless payments.

In addition, these cards often come with special offers such as bonus offers and discounts, allowing you to save money while enjoying your favourite treats.

Get A Tim Hortons Gift Card

Getting a Tim Hortons gift card is the first step to getting a convenient and fun way to indulge in your favourite sweets at this famous Canadian coffee and fast food chain.

Tim Hortons gift cards are prepaid cards with a designated amount of funds, allowing you to make purchases without needing cash or a credit card.

Whether it’s a treat for yourself or a thoughtful gift for someone else, getting a Tim Hortons gift card is easy, and multiple options are available.

How do you add a Tim Hortons gift card to your app?

Here are some of the methods; check them.

  1. Purchase in-store.
  2. Online purchases.
  3. Funding A Gift Card.
  4. In-store loading.
  5. Online Loading.

Purchase in-store

Tim Hortons gift cards can easily be purchased in a physical shop. Approach the counter and request a gift card in the desired amount. Choose a design at the cashier and deposit the money onto the card.

Online Purchases

Tim Hortons offers the option to purchase gift cards from its official website for those who prefer to shop online. This is particularly convenient if you give someone a gift card in a remote location. You can choose a design, set up the card, and deliver it electronically or physically.

Funding A Gift Card

Depositing funds onto a Tim Hortons Gift Card ensures you have enough balance to shop at Tim Hortons shops.

Tim Hortons gift cards work like prepaid debit cards, adding funds before they are used to make a payment. This can be done in-store and through online options, offering flexibility and convenience according to customer preferences.

In-Store loading

The in-store loading option is available if you already have a Tim Hortons gift card and want to add more funds. The process is simple and can be done when you visit a Tim Hortons shop. The procedure is as follows:

Visit A Tim Hortons Shop: Bring your gift card to your nearest Tim Hortons shop.

Approach The Cashier: When you get to the counter, tell the cashier you want to deposit the gift card.

Specify The Amount: Tell the cashier how much you want to add to your gift card. The cashier will process your request and update the card with the specified amount.

Pay: Pay the cashier the specified amount using your preferred payment method (cash, credit card or other).

Confirmation: The cashier will confirm the transaction and update the balance on your gift card. This balance can be used for future purchases.

Online Loading

Online loading is a convenient option. It is beneficial if you purchase a gift card for someone else and want to keep track of the card balance digitally.

Here’s how to fund your Tim Hortons gift card online

Visit the Tim Hortons website: Go to the official Tim Hortons website and navigate to the gift card section.

Select a gift card: Choose your favourite gift card design.

Select the amount: Specify the amount to be loaded onto the card. This can be an amount determined by you or a pre-set amount.

Checkout: Enter payment details for the balance on the gift card.

Delivery option: Depending on your preference, you can choose whether the gift card should be delivered electronically or physically.

Activation: If the gift card is sent electronically, the recipient will receive an email with the card details and balance. If sent physically, the activated Gift Card will be posted to the address given.

Depositing on a Tim Hortons gift card provides a convenient and efficient payment method at any time without the need for cash or credit cards.

Tim Hortons gift cards are designed to be flexible and easy to use, whether in the shop or online, to enhance your stay at Tim Hortons.

Using Your Tim Hortons Gift Card

Tim Hortons gift cards allow you to enjoy your favourite treats without the hassle of carrying cash or using a credit card.

Whether you visit a Tim Hortons shop, use the drive-thru or order via the mobile app, using a gift card makes the payment process easier and makes your Tim Hortons journey more convenient.

In-Store Redemption

Tim Hortons gift cards can also be used for in-store purchases. To redeem, please do the following.

Select a product: Browse the menu and choose the item you want.

Present your gift card: When ready to pay, present your gift card to the cashier.

Swipe or scan: The cashier swipes the magnetic strip on the back of the card or scans the QR code if the gift card is on a mobile device.

Process transaction: The transaction will reduce the balance on the card. If the credit covers the purchase amount, you are good to go. If not, use another payment method to cover the remainder.

Collect the card: The cashier will refund the gift card at the end of the transaction. The card can be used for future purchases.

Drive-Through Orders

You can also use your gift card to place a Tim Hortons order at the drive-thru:

Place your order: Tell the drive-thru attendant what you want to order.

Present the gift card: Hand the gift card to the attendant at the time of payment.

Process the card: The attendant swipes or scans the QR code to process the payment.

Complete the transaction. You will receive your order once payment has been processed, and your gift card balance will be updated.

Ordering Via The Mobile App

Paying with a gift card is even more convenient when you use the Tim Hortons mobile app:

Load a gift card: If you don’t already have one, enter your card details and load the gift card into the Tim Hortons mobile app.

Place your order: Select and customise your order on the app.

Select payment: At checkout, choose to pay with your gift card.

Scan a QR code: The app will generate a QR code. Present this code to the cashier or drive-thru attendant, who will scan the QR code and process the payment.

Complete Transaction: Once scanned, the payment is deducted from the gift card balance, and the order is processed.

Using a Tim Hortons gift card simplifies the payment process and streamlines the ordering process, improving the overall experience.

Whether you are a regular Tim Hortons customer or a first-time customer, a gift card is a convenient and easy way to enjoy a delicious Tim Hortons dining experience.

Check Your Tim Hortons Gift Card Balance

Checking the balance on your Tim Hortons Gift Card is a simple process.

This is an essential step to help you make an informed decision when ordering your favourite treats and drinks in Tim Hortons shops. Tim Hortons offers multiple ways to check your gift card balance, providing flexibility and convenience.

  • Online balance checking
  • Checking balances on the mobile app
  • Checking balances in-store
  • Managing your Tim Hortons gift card

Managing your Tim Hortons Gift Card involves several actions and considerations to ensure you get the most out of your card. Here are some key points to consider to help you manage your gift card effectively.

Registering the card

Registering your Tim Hortons Gift Card is optional but has several benefits. Registering your card on the Tim Hortons website or app creates an online account linked to your gift card. This provides added security and convenience.

Reasons Why Registering Your Card Is Advantageous To Include

Balance protection: Registered gift cards are theft-proof. Tim Hortons customer service can transfer the balance to a new card if a card is lost. This ensures that your funds are protected in case of a lost card.

Easy reloading: Registering your card makes reloading easy. You can load your card online or via the app to ensure you have the funds you need for your next visit to Tim Hortons.

Transaction history: A registered card simplifies tracking your spending. Viewing your transaction history helps you keep track of your purchases and budget.

Special offers: Exclusive promotions and offers are available exclusively to Tim Horton’s cardholders. These include bonuses, discounts or exclusive deals that enhance your experience.

We Lost The Card Replacement

If your registered Tim Hortons gift card is lost or stolen, you can take steps to protect your balance. Contact Tim Hortons Customer Service as soon as possible.

Lost cards are deactivated, and the remaining balance is transferred to a new card. Prompt action is essential to prevent unauthorised use.

By managing your Tim Hortons gift card register and acting quickly in the event of loss, you can reap the card’s security, convenience and potential benefits.

Whether you are a frequent or occasional Tim Hortons customer, make the most of this versatile payment method with effective management.


Tim Hortons gift cards offer a seamless and rewarding way to enjoy the services of this renowned Canadian institution. With the convenience of cashless payment, potential discounts and easy balance tracking, gift cards can enhance your Tim Hortons experience.

Whether treating yourself or sharing pleasure with others, gift cards are the gateway to a taste that will appeal to many. Enjoy your favourite Tim Hortons flavours simply, efficiently and in a fun way.