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How To Use Tim Hortons Points In 2024?

How to use Tim Hortons Points?

Canada’s leading coffee and fast food chain, Tim Hortons, stands out with its attractive rewards programme in a world where every purchase leads to rewards.

Fans of Tim Hortons coffee, snacks and treats will be thrilled to learn about the power of Tim Hortons Points. If you love Tim Hortons coffee, snacks and sweets, Tim Hortons Points is the place to be.

Tim Hortons Points
Tim Hortons Points

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What Are Tim Hortons Rewards In 2024?

Tim Hortons Rewards is a loyalty programme for Tim Hortons customers. Under this programme, you earn points whenever you shop at a Tim Hortons shop.

Whether it’s a quick breakfast, a midday snack or a caffeine fix in the evening, earning these points can turn your everyday spending into an exciting moment.

Earning Tim Hortons Points

It’s easy to earn Tim Hortons Points. Points are credited to your loyalty account whenever you purchase an eligible product. You can buy a wide range of products, from double-double coffee to freshly baked bread.

The more often you visit Tim Hortons, the quicker your points accumulate and the more freebies you’ll receive.

Redeeming Tim Hortons points

The best part of earning points is redeeming them. Tim Hortons points can be used to pay for various menu items, from drinks to snacks and sandwiches.

Tell the staff that you want to redeem your points when you order, and they will deduct the equivalent amount from your total. Thanks to your loyalty, Tim Hortons can enjoy discounted prices on your favourite treats.

Making The Most Of Your Tim Hortons Rewards

To make the most of your Tim Hortons points:

  1. Be strategic about when you redeem them.
  2. Combine your points with current promotions and limited-time offers for a more satisfying experience.
  3. Watch for Tim Hortons offers and redeem your points at the right time to enjoy your favourite menu items at the best price.

Tim Hortons Exclusive Offers & Promotions

As a Tim Hortons rewards programme member, you can access exclusive offers and promotions. From early access to new menu items to exclusive treats for Rewards members. Take advantage of these unique opportunities with the Tim Hortons app and email alerts.

Tim Hortons App Rewards Companion

The Tim Hortons app is your gateway to seamless rewards management. Once you have downloaded the app and created an account, you can easily track your points, see available promotions and receive personalised recommendations based on your preferences.

The app also offers the convenience of mobile ordering, saving time and ensuring quick pick-up in the shop.

Manage Your Tim Hortons Points

It is essential to stay informed on your points redemption journey. The Tim Hortons app shows your current points balance, transaction history and upcoming promotions all in one place.

This transparency lets you plan your visits and optimise your choices to maximise rewards.

Tips For A Smooth Redemption Experience

Using your Tim Hortons points should be as fun as savouring your favourite sweet treat. To ensure a smooth redemption experience, inform us of your intention to redeem your points when you place your order.

Double-check the amount deducted from your receipt, and feel free to speak to the friendly Tim Hortons staff if you have any problems.

The Joy Of Rewarding Yourself

Imagine the satisfaction of enjoying Tim Hortons’ valued products. Whether it’s a cup of coffee on a chilly morning or a sweet treat during a midday break, rewarding yourself with a rewards programme is a beautiful way to enrich your everyday moments.


Enjoying your favourite Tim Hortons sweet treats is even more enjoyable with the power of Tim Hortons points. This loyalty programme turns a routine visit to the shop into a rewarding moment.

Understanding how to earn, spend and utilise your points will help you enjoy every experience even more. Start earning points today and reward yourself with something sweet for the day.